Copenaghen jewellery and Watch show with Nora Capò Design

Hi everyone! here’s the Nora Capò Design team from Copenhagen! Today we would like to share with you a little recap of the amazing #copenhagenjewelleryandwatcheshow fair we attended last Saturday! After being welcomed by the staff in the best way, we found ourselves surrounded by good music on the background, lots of big smiles and sparkling everywhere. Basically, it felt Paradise for a fresh pink team like us!
What we learned: one of the best part of living and working in abroad is that there’s no jealousy in between “colleagues”. Everyone is always curious to know what brought us here from another country and is craving for our personal stories. Most importantly, they love to share their own as well and to please you with good advices! Something we are not used to that obviously it is always helpful! Also, age and experience is not everything in life. No matter where you come from or how many years have you been in your working field, there’s always a chance to share ideas and thoughts, to learn and teach, to earn and give. This is exactly what we realized while having lovely chit-chats with all the big names, from the designers of Hourse of Eleonore to the Founder of Heiring Jewelry. We talked about 3D printings and design vs. artisanal craftsmanship, new techniques and trimmings, dedication to your passion, therefore your job, and all what it takes to reach your main goal. What we teached (or tried to): freshness isn’t always synonym of ingenuity and lack of interest. It can also be energy, courage, hunger and desire to learn as much as possible from the biggest ones, and eventually, dedication and hope for the big picture you have in mind to become reality. No need to say it has been such a great opportunity and we are already looking forward to attend it next year again – hopefully this time as a brand showing its line. self note: Let’s keep inspiring each other and never give up on our dreams. xx, N&S.

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